How to Download TweakBox Apk for Android [Latest Version] 2017

Google Play Store is the default app store on Android. It features a large number of both premium and free apps and games. If you want to download premium apps from Play Store then you need to pay some money. But what if you are broke and want to download the app for free? In this case, Tweakbox for Android comes as the save. If you download Tweakbox Apk for Android, you can install all paid apps and games on your Android device for free.

It is very popular for both Android and iOS users. In this post, we will discuss how can you download Tweakbox Android. Before discussing the downloading procedure, let us first have a look at some of the app’s major features.

Tweakbox Android Features

In comparison to other app stores for Android, Tweakbox offers a wide variety of features. We have compiled a list of the best features offered by Tweakbox below:

  • Tweakbox app features a very user-friendly user interface. It is really easy to download apps and navigate through different categories.
  • The app offers not one but 5 different features to download apps and games.
  • No need to download apps from third-party sources and you can get all paid games and apps for free on Tweakbox.
  • A lot of app stores require you to root your device before using. For using Tweakbox, you don’t need to have a rooted Android device.
  • You can even install the modded version of your favorite games and apps.

These were the major and most noticeable features of Tweakbox app for Android. It is now time to discuss the full procedure to download and install Tweakbox for Android.

Download Tweakbox App for Android

The downloading and installing procedure of Tweakbox is quite simple. All you need to do is follow a few easy steps and you will have Tweakbox on your Android device in no time. Here is the full procedure to download Tweakbox Apk for Android:

  • The first step is to download the APK file of Tweakbox. You can download it from here.
  • Now, go to your device’s settings and allow installation of apps from Unknown Sources.
  • Now, open the downloaded APK file and install it.
  • Once the app is done installing, you can simply open it and download all your favorite games and apps from the store.

So, this was the complete procedure to download Tweakbox for Android. As you can see the procedure isn’t that long and very easy to follow. The app is not available on Play Store and that is why we provided an external link for you to download the app.


Tweakbox is the best application for Android to download all the popular paid games and apps. It is not big in size, easy to download, easy to install and is completely safe to use. If you are facing any sort of problems while trying to download Tweakbox for Android, then feel free to leave them in the comments section below. Keep visiting Tweakbox App Download for more.

tweakbox for ios

Download and Install TweakBox for iOS 10, 11 – Cydia Apps, ++Apps & Much More

Tweakbox for IOS has always been a concept of controversy, with so many apps in market. There’s no doubt that the default app stores are the best, no matter what the platform is. Be it Android or be it IOS, the in-built app stores are the most preferred ones. But, there are plenty of apps in the store that are paid and most of us aren’t comfortable with paying for those apps or buying their premium versions. In such instances, apps like Tweakbox come into play. Tweakbox app for IOS lets you download paid apps for free without paying a single dime.

tweakbox for ios


Why Tweakbox for IOS?

Talking about android, there are plenty of apps including Tweakbox for Android that lets you download apps for free. But, for IOS, there are only a few. Cydia is the most popular third party app store for IOS platform for downloading apps for free as well as downloading their mods and tweaks.

But, for installing Cydia in your IOS device, you’ll have to jailbreak the device first. Although jailbreaking the device has an array of advantages but also there are a few disadvantages that go along with it. Once you jailbreak the device, the warranty of the device is no more. Secondly, the device gets prone to possible threats and viruses.

Tweakbox is a third-party IOS app store that lets the user download paid apps for free and that too without jailbreak. Tweakbox is the best option for someone who isn’t comfortable with jailbreaking their device.

Download Tweakbox for IOS

Tweakbox for obvious reasons isn’t available on iTunes. So, the only way you can get the app is by downloading Tweakbox apk for IOS. Here’s how you can download Tweakbox for IOS:-

  1. Open browser. Now go to Google and search for the apk of the app. Keep searching until you find a relevant result. There are plenty of sites that will provide some other app’s apk instead of Tweakbox. Make sure the apk you download is free from all the viruses and threats.
  2. Now, once you find the apk, download it.
  3. It will take a couple of seconds or minutes for the download to finish. Wait until it’s done.
  4. Now, launch the apk from the “downloads” section of your phone or from the notifications.
  5. After you open the apk, it will ask your permission to begin the installation procedure. Click on “install”. Make sure you’ve checked the unknown sources in your device.
  6. After you click on “install”, you’ll be asked to enter a passcode if there’s any. Enter the passcode and begin the installation.
  7. After the installation procedure has finished, you can launch the app and download paid apps, mods and tweaks.


Tweakbox app is recommended for those users who are looking for a third-party app store but don’t want to jailbreak their IOS device. Best part about Tweakbox app is that you won’t have to jailbreak the device to enjoy its features. To download Tweakbox apk for IOS, you’ll have to follow the usual apk method by downloading the apk from the internet and later installing it. Before you begin the installation, go to settings and turn o the “unknown sources”. Keep visiting our website, to know more about Tweakbox application.